Beautiful Baby


Thursday, which reached a hot a humid 90 degrees, was the day we had scheduled for Bailey to have her pictured done with Angelique Hunter of Photo by Angel. Based on her portfolio, I was really excited to see the final results.

We first tried the carousel at Columbia Mall for some pictures, but Bailey wanted none of that, so we moved on to the park. We went to a little park behind the school where dogs are allowed to run leash free. Bailey was in HEAVEN! She saw so many puppies that allowed her to pet them!

In between these exciting times, Angelique snapped away. Bailey loved playing with the chair, but didn’t want anything to do with the flowers. She was such a trooper, although I was literally melting!!

She played in the grass in her fairy wings and got to ride on a tricycle that had the coolest bell she could ring! As the skies started to darken with the storm moving in, we put her in her new pink and green polka dot raincoat and matching lime green galoshes. She looked adorable! And, despite the heat, didn’t want to take them off!

When we were finally all done, we ate dinner in the backseat of the Lincoln and headed home, getting out of Columbia just before the storm broke. Bailey crashed when we hit the highway and didn’t even wake up when she got home and I put her into bed.

We had a great time! Plus, Angelique was kind enough to post some teasers so we know what to look forward to when she finishes putting her final touches on these masterpieces!
See the rest of the “sneak peeks” by clicking here!


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