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Life is Goooooood!
June 29, 2011

Last night, Johnny bought a Bailey favorite home from the grocery store. These are SOOOOOO good, that at the mere mention of them this morning, she threw down her blankie in an effort to jump out of bed.

As I type this, she currently uttering “hmmmm” with EVERY bite and licking her fingers with gusto.

Behold, a toddler and her BANANAS:


Toilet Paper-ganza
June 25, 2011

One of the first things Johnny did when we started working with Bailey on this potty training thing was to spin the toilet paper on the holder. Big surprise she thought this was great fun. Johnny has voiced the regret over this choice many MANY times over as Bailey routinely goes into the bathroom JUST to spin the paper. Normally she might spin it hard enough that it reaches the floor.

Today, however, as I sat in the rocking chair in her room (across the hall from the bathroom), she reached a new record.


I THOUGHT she was handing me a few pieces, until I looked up and saw it was still attached to the roll all the way across the room, across the hallway and across the bathroom floor!! I grabbed this quick pic after I was finally done laughing so hard!!!

More Ear Problems
June 22, 2011


After battling this latest round of ear infections, Bailey’s pediatrician finally said enough is enough and sent us to a ear, nose and throat specialist. Given my ears history, I knew we’d end up here eventually, but not at only 16 months.

However, the good news is the doctor said her ears are finally healed. Bad news is he thought we had still better play safe than sorry and go ahead and put tubes in her ears, given how many infections she’s had this year, to avoid that same scenario this coming fall and winter. Her surgery is scheduled for July 20.

More good news was that, although she had a hissy fit when they looked in her ears, the hearing test showed good results. So, we’ll just keep our fingers crossed a little while longer that she didn’t inherit my ears!

She did, however, have a blast playing in the waiting room!!

That’s My Girl!
June 19, 2011


Last weekend, during all the baseball madness, we stopped at Culvers in Jefferson City to grab some dinner on the way home. The boys did such a good job, we promised them ice cream. Plus, Culvers has a free kiddie cone coupon in all their kid’s meals. So, Bailey got ice cream, too.


And, just like me, she thought it was the best thing since sliced CHEESE!


I Do It!
June 18, 2011

Big surprise that with every passing day, Bailey is becoming more and more independent. Knowing this, I’m trying to let her do things more her way. The hardest thing by far is the food. Every time she makes a mess, I want to clean it up. And that’s hard because, feeding herself, she makes a LOT of messes!

Yesterday, I figured she needed a bath anyway, so I left her naked and let her feed herself her strawberry yogurt. You can see she had a blast!!


Baseball at its Finest
June 13, 2011


Today, big brother Tristan and his awesome teammates that make up the incredible East Central Starz won yet another tournament! This time in Eldon, Mo.

Not to be outdone, Bailey grabbed a ball and a mit and wanted to play. Tristan was more than happy to show her the basics!


French Fries Rock
June 8, 2011


Last week Johnny took a trip to look at a pool (which we wound up buying…pool party date to be announced soon!) and, as it got late, he took the kids to grab a bite at Dairy Queen.

While most kids love chicken nuggets, Bailey doesn’t seem to care for them. But, check out her thoughts on the French fries!!


It might have been the fries or it might have been her goofy brothers or Daddy making her laugh so hard. Either way, she was one happy toddler!!

Muppet Face!
June 7, 2011

One of my good friends told me years ago that when I laugh, it’s with everything I have. As a result, supposedly, my face basically splits open like a muppet does when THEY laugh. Therefore, I was told I have “muppet face” laugh.

Well, apparently, it’s hereditary! But, as much as I’ve tried and tried, I’ve never been able to catch a true, clear muppet face on my camera. Even the one the professional took look more like a “roar” face than a muppet one, but this one comes close.


She was laughing so hard at herself because she’s figured out how to put on her sunglasses. Ok, so maybe they’re a little crooked! 🙂



Fun in the Wading Pool
June 7, 2011


Stephanie got a new wading pool over the weekend and Bailey was excited today to take it for a spin.


Unfortunately, not soon after, she spiked a temperature that required a visit to the doctor for MORE antibiotics for her latest ear infection and the news that tubes are in her future. 😦

Wagon Time
June 3, 2011


Stephanie got a wagon at daycare and Bailey has decided it’s hers! We have been looking for one for some time, but apparently they’re not cheap as we keep seeing them for $75 and up!

So, we figured she can just get her fix at Steph’s! But then, Super Grandma to the rescue!! Ever the eye out for a bargain, Grandma stumbled upon one today for only $25 and snapped it right up.

When Bailey first saw it outside on her way to get into the truck, she had a fit as she wanted in the wagon instead. When they got home from Mexico (where wonderful Johnny found a 27′ pool on craigslist and got that for the boys for having an awesome school year!), Bailey got some rounds around the yard courtesy of brother Tristan. But when it was time to get out, she wasn’t a happy camper! She sure does love to be outside!!!

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