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Mama’s Chair
September 26, 2011

I get a call from Johnny telling me (and this is the actual conversation)…

(me) “Hello?”

“YOUR daughter just ate two entire plates of eggs.”

“Well, she likes eggs. And she hasn’t been eating like her normal self for the past week.”

“Well now she’s LYING DOWN in your chair like Ruger does. She looks just like Ruger when he sits there. With her chin propped up on the arm. Well, wait, bye!”

The phone disconnected. Then my little clown car horn goes off to tell me I have a text message (mind you, I’m driving, where I spend a chunk of my day) and before I can look, the phone rings. It’s Johnny again:

“I sent you a picture.”

“I got it, but you called before I could look at it.”

“That was my plan.”

So, when I finally get home, this is what I see:


Notice her little foot sticking up on the other side!!

Big Girl in her First Nightgown
September 18, 2011


Finding this on sale at Sears back a few months ago, I kept waiting for it to get cool enough for her to wear it.

When I finally dug it out when the temperatures dipped today into the 50s at night, I told Johnny to be ready to take her picture because I wanted to get it. Little did I know that she was listening. When he picked up his phone, she looked right up at him and said “CHEEEEESE!l”


And he captured her perfectly! She’s just getting cuter every day!


September 15, 2011

Now that we cut Bailey’s hair back in February for the first time, it seems to be growing like crazy! After MANY MANY hints by Johnny that it was time for a haircut (I believe his exact words were, “she’s starting to look like a GIRL!” You’d think he would have figured out BY NOW, she IS!), we went today for her third time. Here’s the day before:


Or the more apt photo that Johnny took the night before:


However, she was a total squirmy worm today, but somehow Amanda got it done. Kudos to her!!

But, when it was time to leave, Bailey didn’t want to and so, after she got in her seat, I asked to take her picture. This was the response I got:


And when I persisted, I got this:


And I think we all know what that means. She gets THAT look from her father!!

“Shoe Mode”
September 7, 2011

Johnny posted this on Facebook tonight, so technically it is HIS blog today…

Apparently she “is” a girl after all… [I can just hear her thinking,] These boots SOOOO go with these PJs!!


But, as my two cents, I’d like to point out the ruby red slippers in her hands. THOSE are the ones she wanted on her feet!!

What girl DOESN’T want ruby slippers?!?! What I find the funniest is she hasn’t even ever seen The Wizard of Oz!!

Heinrich in a Jar
September 6, 2011

Although Johnny is fond of pointing out that “Bailey IS a girl” (much to his FAKE dismay, because he was WAAAAAY excited when we found out she was a girl because he wanted one so badly), he sent me this picture today:


I told him it looks like the big fat caterpillar in A Bug’s Life: Heimlich.

He said she found it and was upset when he put it in the jar, because she wanted to HOLD IT!!

YUCK! Doesn’t she know that nature is dirty?!?!?

And I Helped!!!
September 6, 2011

I’ve written this one 3 times now and keep hitting the wrong button when I save… Argh!!

After a long day, Bailey and I wind up at the grocery store. She did a good job even though she was tired. She kept helping me load the cart.

When we got home, the boys brought all the groceries inside and into the kitchen. I started to work my way through the bags, of course, starting with the cold items first. And, Bailey apparently thought this looked like fun and decided to pitch in.

After I put a few can goods in the lazy Susan corner floor cabinet, Bailey started loading them in herself. At first, she carefully balanced each one on top of the others. Then, when she ran out of room, she just started stuffing them in there wherever they would fit. Sideways seemed to work best!!

Then, as I turned around back into the fridge, I realize she has placed cans carefully on the bottom of the fridge door. (not on a shelf, mind you, but on the little ledge at the bottom where the door seals!) When she runs out of room there, she starts stacking them on the bottom shelf, half hanging off the shelf and teetering, ready to plummet to the floor at any minute. Undeterred, she just keeps stacking!

After MUCH praise for helping put away the groceries, I carefully put all the cans away where they really go. Since she’s gone quiet, I turn around, just in time to see her reach into a drawer and pull out a potato. She walks over and puts it on the floor behind Johnny’s recliner in the living room. She walks back over and gets another one out od the drawer and takes it into the living room as well. After doing this one more time, I asked her what she was doing. She doesn’t answer. Instead, she simply picked one up from the living room, walks back into the kitchen and puts it back in the drawer. Then, repeated this two more times, until all potatoes where back in the drawer, where they belonged.

To this date, neither Johnny nor I have ANY idea what she was doing. But, she helped!!!

Growing Up!!
September 3, 2011

Bailey is getting to the point where it’s time to change her bed over to a toddler bed. It’s hard to believe she’s already 19 months old!!

Today, we took off the side rail and she jumped up and down, well, just like a little kid!!!




Pig Nose UPDATE!!
September 2, 2011

This morning I told Steph how many people had requested to see the “pig nose” and that was needed to get some pictures. She said to Bailey, “let’s go give kisses through the glass and Bailey ran over to the sliding glass door. And begged Steph to pick her up…

So, all you loyal followers, behold: the pig nose!!!




Daddy’s Girl
September 1, 2011

Today, after Johnny let me talk to Bailey on the phone, he turned his camera around (since he’s Mr. Tech with an iPhone 4!!!) and he said she instantly starting posing. “Modeling” was his exact word… See for yourself!!




Ain’t she just the CUTEST?!?!?

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