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The Sugar Plum Fairy Graces Us!
October 31, 2011

Back in August, I told Johnny that I absolutely didn’t want to have to scramble at the last minute to find a costume for Bailey’s first real Halloween. So, after lots of searching, we stumbled upon this cute-as-a button “sugar plum fairy” costume. Given Bailey’s favorite color is purple (ok, it might actually be pink, given how she picks her clothes currently, but Johnny and I love purple, so hers is purple by proxy!), we thought it was appropriate! Surprisingly enough, she actually WANTED that headband piece on her head, so that was good!

Her day started off bright and early with Stephanie taking the little ones around all the businesses in Montgomery City. She was pulled along in a wagon and had a blast filling up her pumpkin!

Here the bunch is at the Montgomery City Courthouse. Like I told the ladies there, Bailey had better never set foot on the 2nd story (the actual courtrooms), but they all posed for pictures (and to warm up a little since it was a slightly chilly 40 degree morning)!


After returning home, Johnny and I put her costume back on her to go make the Wellsville friends and family rounds. The ever brilliant Johnny (hopefully he doesn’t read this as he doesn’t need a bigger ego…) figured out the best way to make her shoes work was to stuff her beloved Crocs in them and she could wear them as actual shoes! Tristan dressed up as a Charger ball player and Hasten as a surly 13-year-old! (i.e., no costume because he’s too old!) 😀

Such a great picture! I wish the camera hadn't been on the wrong setting!!


First stop was to visit Grandma at the nursing home (she works there, not lives there!) But, all of the residents were out for visiting, so Bailey turned on her charm and filled up her bucket there as well!


Then we rode around to lots of houses where Bailey finally figured out if she ran up and said “Trick Treat,” they’d give her candy. She started warming up to the idea and blowing kisses back to each person who gave her candy! Everyone thought she was too cute! She got pixie sticks from Tristan’s teacher (to whom I promptly replied I was sending them with Tristan for lunch the next day and she laughed) and then Bailey snuck into one here:


Then, she found the king of all candies, a GIANT pixie stick and was in heaven:


I just loved the little elf shoes!

Tuckered out, we got one last shot with Tristan before we headed off to change into our PJs…

I hope everyone had as happy as of a Halloween as this little Sugar Plum!

Enjoying the Cool Fall Air
October 25, 2011

With me having to work late to catch up for missing yesterday, Bailey got full Daddy time this evening. As such, I got all kinds of cool photos on what I was missing…

The fun ride home from practice…


Cracking up with Daddy & Tristan…


Then, getting home and making one last ditch effort to stay outside since the Fall night was such a nice one!!


I was so happy she had such a great evening and Johnny was so kind to make me a part of it the best he could!!!

What Happens When I Stay Home With Mama
October 24, 2011


Today, after a long morning of play that finished up at the playground, Bailey was almost asleep when we pulled up to the house around 1:00. By the time we got her inside, however, she had woke back up.

So we let her play in her room for a while to see if she’d fall asleep on her own. After a while, it became obvious that wouldn’t work. So, we played some more and tried putting her back down around 3:00.

When Johnny realized how quiet it had gotten, he snuck down the hall to check on her and, after a minor freak out that she was not in her bed and not on her floor, he spotted this in the rocking chair located in the far corner of her room…


Pumpkins, Goats & Kitty Face
October 22, 2011


Today, we packed up the family and headed to Pumpkins Galore in Wright City. Recommended by a friend, the ol’ reliable internet confirmed that they had 70 acres of pumpkin patch as well as a wealth of other things to do: wagon rides, hay bale mazes, petting zoo, John Deere rides and more… So needless to say, Bailey had a BLAST!!

First, she played on the “horse swings” while her brothers participated in the punkin chunkin!

Then, both Hasten and Tristan walked little fearless Bailey up the mighty tall slide:

, about 10′ tall, and slid down the bumpy ride to the bottom with Bailey snuggly in their laps.

Then, we saw goats (and fed them)

and a cow (and fed it too), pigs and even a donkey named Radar!

Then she got to meet the two big horses pulling the hay wagon,

followed by getting to go on the wagon ride itself!

After that, she got to play in the corn. Literally. They had filled up huge pools with corn and you just plunked your kid in there to play. Bailey was fine, but didn’t want to sit down, prompting Johnny’s standard muttering of “you’re such a GIRL!”

And, to that end, we headed over to have our faces painted, which Bailey wanted no part of, until I did it first. Johnny picked a jack o lantern out for me. Once she figured out what the heck was going on, she was on board for a kitty nose and whiskers! (yes, Katie, just for you!!)


Hasten got a “fall tree” with bats included and, shockingly enough, Tristan got a baseball!

Then, we painted pumpkins…


and also picked out some bigger ones we wanted to take home for carving. By this time, Bailey (and I) were getting tired and ready to head home. But, we had one last item on our list: the John Deere train. Bailey piled in like a trooper and was ok, until they started moving.


But, after being pulled around the loop, she was ready to go again!


And then changed her mind when Johnny tried to put her back in. So, we called it a day and headed home.

We stopped and picked up some McDonald’s (where she got fries, ate some of my burger and begged for (and got) sweet tea!!


When she was all done, she was out cold (well fed and tired to the bone) in just a matter of minutes! See the tired kitty here:


Overall, it was a great family day!!

Hello? Hello? Computer?
October 20, 2011

For you Star Trek fans, you can recall one of the scenes in one of the more recent movies where Scotty picks up an “age old” mouse and asks, “Hello? Hello? Computer?” because he can’t fathom that computers aren’t voice activated. (Of course, Siri is changing that quickly. Thank you, Apple!!!)

Today, when Johnny brought Bailey home, she actually repeated this scene. (Apparently EVERYTHING has the potential to be a phone nowadays!)

And, Johnny got it on his phone….

First you dial…


Then you speak into the mouse, “Hello?”


And, it’s for Mama!


More Shoes!
October 19, 2011

Today, I get a text from Johnny that contains this picture…


So, while I’m trying to figure out why on earth my HUSBAND has MY HIGH HEELS in the BATHROOM, I get this…


First, big sigh of relief! Johnny isn’t secretly wearing my shoes. Although it’s a little blurry, it’s not hard to determine the TRUE culprit, especially since I’ve been specifically telling her to leave those shoes alone in the closet. I think she’s entranced by the bling…

While I’m pondering how the heck she got these out of the bottom rung of my closet shoe rack (behind a whole bunch of other junk), I get this…


So, while I’m now fretting that she’s trying to wear them, which will, no doubt, wind up in a broken neck (because given the number of bruises scattered on her legs and feet, she’s obviously inherited my lack of Grace… Wait til Daddy reads this one! I just bet there will be a comment!!!), I finally get one last picture…


Meaning, with a sigh of total relief, that she’s also inherited my common sense (let that one go, Daddy!!) and has switched to sensible flats!! She’s so smart!!!

Photography from the Toddler Perspective
October 15, 2011


Just in case you couldn’t guess, today’s photo is brought to you by none other than Miss Bailey herself! We went over to Aunt Karen’s house to celebrate her birthday.

And here’s the photo I took once I got my phone back. As you can see, she was SOOOOO thrilled!


And here she is trying to BE the birthday present!!



Bailey’s Shoe Obsession
October 14, 2011

This morning while I was trying to get dressed, Bailey brought me a single black shoe out of my closet.

BUT, she didn’t hand it to me, she set it on the ground and WORE it to me. Then stepped out of it and went to retrieve the other one. And wore it into the bedroom, too!

Then, she proceeded to put both of them on and walk back out of the room, only to get out of the black pair and into a pair of gold ones. Which she promptly wore back into my bedroom. This went on about 3 more times until I told her it was time to go. BUT, not before I got some of it on video.

So, for all you, BaileyDailyphiles, click here to see it yourself!!

Up! Down! Wiggle! Flap!
October 13, 2011

While watching Ni-hao, Ki-lan (basically a Dora knockoff that uses Chinese instead of Spanish) this evening, they started to do, what they called the “dragon dance.” They instructed for you to jump up, crouch down, wiggle your body and then flap your arms (like the chicken dance!)

Needless to say, I was floored when Bailey started flapping her arms. Then, she was trying to wiggle (which was quite funny!) And finally started running around the room jumping (which is a new milestone as we just started working on that the past couple weeks). She clears a good inch off the ground though!!)

They kept chanting, “Up! Down! Wiggle! Flap!” and although the speed was way too fast for her, she kept picking up a specific piece and doing that one. I was just happy to see that letting her watch a little tv (restricted solely to Nick Jr. because they have shows like this AND no commercials) before she goes to bed might actually be teaching her something.

I’m actually so happy I just might do the dragon dance! 😉

No picture because I was prepared, but I did take this one for Johnny who wanted to see how her face looked this morning after she fell out of her chair last night and smashed her nose into re corner of a tv in her room. OUCH! and it further blackened her eye 😦


Of course, she’s grinning hard saying “CHEEEEEESE!” That’s my girl!!



My Friend Froggie
October 12, 2011

Bailey’s newest “obsession” is Froggie, pictured here:


He is actually not a new obsession, per se, but rather an old resurfaced one. Originally a baby shower gift from her Great-Aunt Ann, he’s actually been in and out of her crib since pretty much day one that she came home. That being said, I guess he’s providing her some needed comfort on these dreary Fall mornings for that long 15 minute ride to “Steph-nie’s”.

Good news is she is willing to give him up when asked:


He went with us into he grocery store and the lady asked “what’s his name?” She wasn’t too impressed when I just said “Froggie.” I guess I could have told her, “Just wait until you meet Bob!”

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