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The Camp Family - Bailey, Johnny, Kelli, Hasten & Tristan

Although I’m already a mom to two boys, 10 & 12, that may not have come from my womb but they are mine in every other sense of the word, nothing prepared me for a baby. Having realized that the first year is POOF!, gone, in what, even though it’s cliche, “in a blink of an eye,” I had the thought this past Friday morning (March 25, 2011) that I won’t remember these prized daily events. As much as I WISH I could scrapbook like my brilliant Julie, it just ain’t gonna happen.

But, I can write. And I have my beloved iPhone which contains literally HUNDREDS of photos of her daily activities. So, I thought, I’ll make a blog. And write daily about Bailey. Hey! That RHYMES! I’ll call it The Bailey Daily and make it like a newspaper! And upload all these pictures to match! Bummer, the domain name is already taken by some OTHER Bailey and show’s HER blog. 😦 Well, ok, minor setback. I’ll add “blog.” So now I own www.thedailybaileyblog.com AND www.thebaileydailyblog.com. That way, if I forget which one it REALLY is, then they both forward and I’m covered!
Now, I don’t have the skills to set up a blog on our server. Our company WordPress blog is AWESOME. And it sits on its own domain on our server. (CDKWeb’s server). Which is only because my great CIO,
John Tanksley
, put it there. But, he’s a busy busy man these days. Can’t bother him to for something that I just want to do just for me. Sooo, I figured I’ll host it on WordPress and redirect the domains. I can do that. THAT, I KNOW how to do.

And yet, I don’t have the skills to “design” a blog. Our company WordPress blog is AWESOME (see www.TheSproutShout.com if you don’t believe me). How can it not be, one of my god-given talented designers (in this case, Mr. Nick Sneed) created it. But, although I own a design company, I’m NOT a designer. (What DO I do, you ask? I successfully MANAGE designers and developers. And since we’re going on 8 years in THIS economy, apparently I’m doing something right! :D) But, I figured (and I know when I tell all of my designers Monday morning I’ve done this, I’ll be greeted with groans and “how can you?!?!?”) I’ll choose a template. Maybe one of my wonderful designers (hint, hint!) will take pity on me and design at least the better parts to put stuff together in my template. I can only do so much with Microsoft PAINT!

Back to the point of the blog, given my technological nature and the fact that the majority of my family lives over 1,000 miles away in home, sweet, home, Texas, this would allow me to keep a reminder of these precious times with her while still sharing them with all of them. So, here goes nothing. Welcome to The Bailey Daily where you’ll read about Bailey’s daily life. Wish me luck!

Bailey at 10 Weeks

Me & Bailey at 10 Weeks

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