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Accidents Happen
November 8, 2011

Well, I originally wrote this big ol’ long blog on how Bailey fell and cut her face and when I went to add the photos, this app locked up and crashed and I lost everything. So, this happened Saturday night…


And I’ll post more details tomorrow when I get back to a desktop… 😉

Growing Up!!
September 3, 2011

Bailey is getting to the point where it’s time to change her bed over to a toddler bed. It’s hard to believe she’s already 19 months old!!

Today, we took off the side rail and she jumped up and down, well, just like a little kid!!!




No fear!
August 29, 2011


Today, running off to see Stephanie went one step further. When she reached the top of the stairs, Bailey normally turns around and waits for me to catch up. Not today.

Instead, she ran down three or four steps (to where the small steps stop and the big steps start!), then realized I hadn’t caught up yet, so she turned around and ran all the way back up to wait on me.

She’s growing up so fast!!!


May 2, 2011

20110502-100359.jpghey, psst, can u spring me?!?!

So Bailey and I were sitting in the living room playing and she decided it was time for Bella to come out an play.

The problem with Bailey is she’s getting waaaaaay too smart for her own good. She walked over and pulled up the bottom latch on Bella’a cage and tried to drag it open. Then she realized it was stuck at the top, so she started pulling on that latch. Since that didn’t work, she started screaming at the cage (she IS Johnny’s daughter, after all… 😉 ) and then finally looked over at me.

I walked over and the door swung open. She’d already opened it and just hadn’t realized it!!! Oh, boy!! Trouble’s coming!! And it’s name is Bailey!

Baby Jail
April 1, 2011

After some friends had a pretty bad scare when their 18-month-old daughter fell down the basement steps, we decided it was high time we blocked off the 3 concrete stairs leading out of the kitchen and into the office/laundry room. We actually placed the order on Amazon that very night!

Needless to say, Bailey is less than pleased with the results and keeps trying to figure out the locking mechanism. But for now, it keeps her safe from one tumble, so that’s good enough for this paranoid mom. Even if she looks out at me like she’s in baby jail, at least she’s safe!


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