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Photography from the Toddler Perspective
October 15, 2011


Just in case you couldn’t guess, today’s photo is brought to you by none other than Miss Bailey herself! We went over to Aunt Karen’s house to celebrate her birthday.

And here’s the photo I took once I got my phone back. As you can see, she was SOOOOO thrilled!


And here she is trying to BE the birthday present!!




Bailey’s Shoe Obsession
October 14, 2011

This morning while I was trying to get dressed, Bailey brought me a single black shoe out of my closet.

BUT, she didn’t hand it to me, she set it on the ground and WORE it to me. Then stepped out of it and went to retrieve the other one. And wore it into the bedroom, too!

Then, she proceeded to put both of them on and walk back out of the room, only to get out of the black pair and into a pair of gold ones. Which she promptly wore back into my bedroom. This went on about 3 more times until I told her it was time to go. BUT, not before I got some of it on video.

So, for all you, BaileyDailyphiles, click here to see it yourself!!

Up! Down! Wiggle! Flap!
October 13, 2011

While watching Ni-hao, Ki-lan (basically a Dora knockoff that uses Chinese instead of Spanish) this evening, they started to do, what they called the “dragon dance.” They instructed for you to jump up, crouch down, wiggle your body and then flap your arms (like the chicken dance!)

Needless to say, I was floored when Bailey started flapping her arms. Then, she was trying to wiggle (which was quite funny!) And finally started running around the room jumping (which is a new milestone as we just started working on that the past couple weeks). She clears a good inch off the ground though!!)

They kept chanting, “Up! Down! Wiggle! Flap!” and although the speed was way too fast for her, she kept picking up a specific piece and doing that one. I was just happy to see that letting her watch a little tv (restricted solely to Nick Jr. because they have shows like this AND no commercials) before she goes to bed might actually be teaching her something.

I’m actually so happy I just might do the dragon dance! 😉

No picture because I was prepared, but I did take this one for Johnny who wanted to see how her face looked this morning after she fell out of her chair last night and smashed her nose into re corner of a tv in her room. OUCH! and it further blackened her eye 😦


Of course, she’s grinning hard saying “CHEEEEEESE!” That’s my girl!!



My Friend Froggie
October 12, 2011

Bailey’s newest “obsession” is Froggie, pictured here:


He is actually not a new obsession, per se, but rather an old resurfaced one. Originally a baby shower gift from her Great-Aunt Ann, he’s actually been in and out of her crib since pretty much day one that she came home. That being said, I guess he’s providing her some needed comfort on these dreary Fall mornings for that long 15 minute ride to “Steph-nie’s”.

Good news is she is willing to give him up when asked:


He went with us into he grocery store and the lady asked “what’s his name?” She wasn’t too impressed when I just said “Froggie.” I guess I could have told her, “Just wait until you meet Bob!”

The Devil is in the Details
October 11, 2011

Or, if you look close, you’ll find her in the Dollar General!!

Johnny found this cute headband…


And when I commented that “all she needs now is a pitchfork”, it magically appeared!!


If anyone has any doubts, feel free to offer to babysit!!!

But, I guess I can look at the silver lining… Bailey is obviously going to be an early starter… The terrible twos are in full swing at only 20 months!!

Bug Bites/Bee Stings & Benadryl’d Bailey Bear
October 10, 2011


Saturday, when looking at some houses in Warrenton, Bailey was stung by a bee or bit by a bug or had SOMETHING DO SOMETHING detrimental to her face, right under her left eye. It made a small welt and we didn’t think anything of it.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. Bailey wakes up with a small part under her left eye swollen. Throughout the day, it continued to get worse. By nightfall, it was starting to swell above her eye as well. A phone call to the pediatrician on call resulted in “a teaspoon of Benadryl every 6 hours, but it’s not an emergency unless her eyeball isn’t moving.” I REALLY don’t like that specific, in my opinion, seriously uncaring doctor. If her eyeball stops moving, I’m going into full blown panic mode, versus the partial panic mode I’m in already?!?

Monday morning, Bailey is up by 5:30 and her eye is almost swollen completely shut. Johnny and I both take off work to head to Dr. Bunge, who says she IS having an allergic reaction, but she’s also concerned infection is setting in. So, now poor little Bailey Bear is on Benadryl every 6 hours (even to the point of waking her up at 1:00 am to make sure she doesn’t miss a single dose) and twice a day antibiotics.

But, the good news is that she seems a little better this evening, although the Benadryl is NOT a good fit for her. After her dose at 7:00, she ran around the living room for almost 30 minutes.

At full speed.

Giggling like a maniac.

Hmmmmmm. I think Stephanie might have her work cut out for her this week!!

Going… Going….


Mama’s Chair
September 26, 2011

I get a call from Johnny telling me (and this is the actual conversation)…

(me) “Hello?”

“YOUR daughter just ate two entire plates of eggs.”

“Well, she likes eggs. And she hasn’t been eating like her normal self for the past week.”

“Well now she’s LYING DOWN in your chair like Ruger does. She looks just like Ruger when he sits there. With her chin propped up on the arm. Well, wait, bye!”

The phone disconnected. Then my little clown car horn goes off to tell me I have a text message (mind you, I’m driving, where I spend a chunk of my day) and before I can look, the phone rings. It’s Johnny again:

“I sent you a picture.”

“I got it, but you called before I could look at it.”

“That was my plan.”

So, when I finally get home, this is what I see:


Notice her little foot sticking up on the other side!!

September 15, 2011

Now that we cut Bailey’s hair back in February for the first time, it seems to be growing like crazy! After MANY MANY hints by Johnny that it was time for a haircut (I believe his exact words were, “she’s starting to look like a GIRL!” You’d think he would have figured out BY NOW, she IS!), we went today for her third time. Here’s the day before:


Or the more apt photo that Johnny took the night before:


However, she was a total squirmy worm today, but somehow Amanda got it done. Kudos to her!!

But, when it was time to leave, Bailey didn’t want to and so, after she got in her seat, I asked to take her picture. This was the response I got:


And when I persisted, I got this:


And I think we all know what that means. She gets THAT look from her father!!

“Shoe Mode”
September 7, 2011

Johnny posted this on Facebook tonight, so technically it is HIS blog today…

Apparently she “is” a girl after all… [I can just hear her thinking,] These boots SOOOO go with these PJs!!


But, as my two cents, I’d like to point out the ruby red slippers in her hands. THOSE are the ones she wanted on her feet!!

What girl DOESN’T want ruby slippers?!?! What I find the funniest is she hasn’t even ever seen The Wizard of Oz!!

Heinrich in a Jar
September 6, 2011

Although Johnny is fond of pointing out that “Bailey IS a girl” (much to his FAKE dismay, because he was WAAAAAY excited when we found out she was a girl because he wanted one so badly), he sent me this picture today:


I told him it looks like the big fat caterpillar in A Bug’s Life: Heimlich.

He said she found it and was upset when he put it in the jar, because she wanted to HOLD IT!!

YUCK! Doesn’t she know that nature is dirty?!?!?

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