The Sugar Plum Fairy Graces Us!
October 31, 2011

Back in August, I told Johnny that I absolutely didn’t want to have to scramble at the last minute to find a costume for Bailey’s first real Halloween. So, after lots of searching, we stumbled upon this cute-as-a button “sugar plum fairy” costume. Given Bailey’s favorite color is purple (ok, it might actually be pink, given how she picks her clothes currently, but Johnny and I love purple, so hers is purple by proxy!), we thought it was appropriate! Surprisingly enough, she actually WANTED that headband piece on her head, so that was good!

Her day started off bright and early with Stephanie taking the little ones around all the businesses in Montgomery City. She was pulled along in a wagon and had a blast filling up her pumpkin!

Here the bunch is at the Montgomery City Courthouse. Like I told the ladies there, Bailey had better never set foot on the 2nd story (the actual courtrooms), but they all posed for pictures (and to warm up a little since it was a slightly chilly 40 degree morning)!


After returning home, Johnny and I put her costume back on her to go make the Wellsville friends and family rounds. The ever brilliant Johnny (hopefully he doesn’t read this as he doesn’t need a bigger ego…) figured out the best way to make her shoes work was to stuff her beloved Crocs in them and she could wear them as actual shoes! Tristan dressed up as a Charger ball player and Hasten as a surly 13-year-old! (i.e., no costume because he’s too old!) 😀

Such a great picture! I wish the camera hadn't been on the wrong setting!!


First stop was to visit Grandma at the nursing home (she works there, not lives there!) But, all of the residents were out for visiting, so Bailey turned on her charm and filled up her bucket there as well!


Then we rode around to lots of houses where Bailey finally figured out if she ran up and said “Trick Treat,” they’d give her candy. She started warming up to the idea and blowing kisses back to each person who gave her candy! Everyone thought she was too cute! She got pixie sticks from Tristan’s teacher (to whom I promptly replied I was sending them with Tristan for lunch the next day and she laughed) and then Bailey snuck into one here:


Then, she found the king of all candies, a GIANT pixie stick and was in heaven:


I just loved the little elf shoes!

Tuckered out, we got one last shot with Tristan before we headed off to change into our PJs…

I hope everyone had as happy as of a Halloween as this little Sugar Plum!

The Devil is in the Details
October 11, 2011

Or, if you look close, you’ll find her in the Dollar General!!

Johnny found this cute headband…


And when I commented that “all she needs now is a pitchfork”, it magically appeared!!


If anyone has any doubts, feel free to offer to babysit!!!

But, I guess I can look at the silver lining… Bailey is obviously going to be an early starter… The terrible twos are in full swing at only 20 months!!

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