“Girly Girl”
April 22, 2012


Yesterday, Bailey and I went shopping and added a new hat to cover her head during all the upcoming ball games. I let her pick, and big surprise she chose Dora! However, I didn’t expect the fedora to be her choice. But, I must admit she makes it look goooooood! 😉

For the record, Hasten took this while I was driving…I told him that I wanted a picture of her cuteness, he took this first:


Gotta give him props… She definitely cute in that one, too!! 😀

Bailey’s Shoe Obsession
October 14, 2011

This morning while I was trying to get dressed, Bailey brought me a single black shoe out of my closet.

BUT, she didn’t hand it to me, she set it on the ground and WORE it to me. Then stepped out of it and went to retrieve the other one. And wore it into the bedroom, too!

Then, she proceeded to put both of them on and walk back out of the room, only to get out of the black pair and into a pair of gold ones. Which she promptly wore back into my bedroom. This went on about 3 more times until I told her it was time to go. BUT, not before I got some of it on video.

So, for all you, BaileyDailyphiles, click here to see it yourself!!

The Devil is in the Details
October 11, 2011

Or, if you look close, you’ll find her in the Dollar General!!

Johnny found this cute headband…


And when I commented that “all she needs now is a pitchfork”, it magically appeared!!


If anyone has any doubts, feel free to offer to babysit!!!

But, I guess I can look at the silver lining… Bailey is obviously going to be an early starter… The terrible twos are in full swing at only 20 months!!

More Hoppiness!
April 25, 2011

Been a long day at the office after having 4 full days with my Bailey Bear. I was so glad to hear that she was still up while I was in my way home, I almost cried. It seems like the more time I spend with her, the more time I WANT to spend with her. I guess to quote edward, “she’s my own personal brand of heroin!” 😀

That being said, I was so busy playing on the floor with the new squisheys I picked up for Easter that I didn’t take any pictures. So here’s another favorite from yesterday….


Doesn’t she just have the most beautiful eyes?!?!?

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