Pygmy Marmoset!
December 5, 2011

Today, with Hasten in one basketball game here in Wellsville and Tristan having basketball practice in Montgomery, it’s one of those running nights. But, Johnny took pity on my fragile flu ridden health and lack of sleep and put me on Bailey duty.


So, I’ve cleaned up her room and changed her bed, started laundry and I’m taking a break to watch Bailey curl up on Quackster to watch Go, Diego, Go. (those of you NOT in the know, they rescue animals in the wild while speaking Spanish to them!)


Regardless, anyone who has watched any of these shows knows that they strive to be interactive, constantly asking questions of the kids watching them. I’ve been trying to get Bailey to understand that she can answer for a few weeks now. She normally looks at me like I’m nuts for talking to a tv.

But, tonight was a different story. Tonight Diego was rescuing Pygmy marmosets! And so when he prompted Bailey to say “pygmy”, I was floored when she responded with a crystal clear “pygmy.” Then, proceeded to repeat the process with “marmoset”! Then, she was prompted to put them together and she had “pig marmoset!” Close enough for me!!

Boy, is she smart!!!


Up! Down! Wiggle! Flap!
October 13, 2011

While watching Ni-hao, Ki-lan (basically a Dora knockoff that uses Chinese instead of Spanish) this evening, they started to do, what they called the “dragon dance.” They instructed for you to jump up, crouch down, wiggle your body and then flap your arms (like the chicken dance!)

Needless to say, I was floored when Bailey started flapping her arms. Then, she was trying to wiggle (which was quite funny!) And finally started running around the room jumping (which is a new milestone as we just started working on that the past couple weeks). She clears a good inch off the ground though!!)

They kept chanting, “Up! Down! Wiggle! Flap!” and although the speed was way too fast for her, she kept picking up a specific piece and doing that one. I was just happy to see that letting her watch a little tv (restricted solely to Nick Jr. because they have shows like this AND no commercials) before she goes to bed might actually be teaching her something.

I’m actually so happy I just might do the dragon dance! 😉

No picture because I was prepared, but I did take this one for Johnny who wanted to see how her face looked this morning after she fell out of her chair last night and smashed her nose into re corner of a tv in her room. OUCH! and it further blackened her eye 😦


Of course, she’s grinning hard saying “CHEEEEEESE!” That’s my girl!!



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