Black Friday 2011
November 28, 2011


Although Black Friday has long been a shopping tradition with my beloved big sister, the past few years have obviously changed with the addition of Bailey into my life.

As a result, Karen wound up shopping Thanksgiving evening with her John and I stayed at home playing the Internet frenzy tagteam game. We made a heck of a successful team! But, that meant not physical fighting the crowds for me. Oh darn!

Well, about 10:30 Friday morning, I was in official Black Friday withdrawal. So, Bailey and I suited up and headed out. We were tackling Carter’s because she needs bigger jammies. And they had them on sale!

So, after being soooooo good at Carter’s, we deserved a happy meal! Which we promptly ate only the French fries sitting in the front seat in the Walmart parking lot. But, we decided to head on into Walmart and scope out any remaining deals. 30 minutes later and NOTHING but Bailey in the cart, we headed out the doors.

But, on the way (which we were walking by now because it was starting to approach naptime and we had had enough of being in the cart!) we spied $4 slippers. Bailey LOVES shoes, so I thought this would be a no brainer. There was pink smurf ones and purple (ooohhh, purple!!!) TINKERBELL ones. Another no brainer: pink smurfs! (still not sure how that happened!!!)

Bailey was gracious enough to hand them over to the lady to scan them, we paid, and out the door we went, snuggling the precious slippers to her chest. And falling asleep with clutching them in her carseat.

We get home and I’m hoping we’re going to continue our nap. No such luck. So, we settled for putting on our new slippers, climbing into my bed to watch tv and drinking the remainder of my sweet tea! (click that link to watch the video!) What a wonderful end to a wonderful day!!!


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