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Way Behind – Friday 29th – Dead on My…Knees?!?!
April 30, 2011

I can remember Johnny telling me stories about Hasten falling asleep in his food. And I thought, how can one get so tired that POOF, the light goes out?

But, thanks to Miss Stephanie, she caught Bailey in that exact state on film for me! With the nice weather, Bailey is LOVING the outdoors. And apparently, yesterday, she played her little heart out. Literally. Stephanie laid her down for her nap and she just fell asleep where she put her. Out cold with her face on her knees!! Poor baby!


But, for those of you keeping watch…also notice she was so tired there is no blankie or thumb in sight!!! 😉

Good News and Good Night!
April 27, 2011


Most everyone knows all the drama I’ve been through with my heart. When we found out I was pregnant, one of my first concerns (besides her possibly getting my crappy ears, sorry daddy!) was could she get my heart problems, too. Apparently, there’s a 5% chance of heart problems in every pregnancy. Due to my history, that jumped the statistic to 20%. Well that just sucks. (pardon my French!)

Well, then despite all Johnny’s and my karma (or because of, depending on your glass half full/half empty mentality) we were so undeniably blessed with this spectacularly happy baby: Bailey. She’s slept through the night since she was about 2 months old. Didn’t rarely fuss and is so happy. Yet, in the back of my mind, I still worried that maybe she sleeps so much because it IS her heart.

One of the first thing my best friend’s mother said after she heard about my heart, “well that explains why Kelli was always the first one out at a slumber party.” Oy!

Plus, Bailey doesn’t have to play long before she’s flushed in the cheeks, just like me. Worry. Worry. And worry some more.

Yet, everyone’s words of comfort were simply “it sounds fine.” They’d ignore my pleas of, “so did I until I died on the floor of Target.” Thank God for Karen being the pushy sister she is, or I wouldn’t be here typing this…but that’s another long story…

Anyway, to help me sleep (and him too, I think, even though he’ll never admit that!) Johnny agreed to take Bailey to a pediatric cardiologist. He did an EKG and said all was good, but we could do an echo to be sure. Bailey, of course, wouldn’t lay still for that, so they’d have to sedate her. Ugh! Another parental nightmare.

Well, today was that day. It was a long wait. They put numbing cream on her hands and feet “in case” they had to put an IV in. More ugh. Then, they finally came in and gave her some medicine to put her to sleep. Since she was already ready for her nap, I thought it wouldn’t be too bad. I was wrong. She cried and screamed and flopped around not understanding what was going on until she finally passed out, literally. It was INCREDIBLY hard to watch her laying there knowing I couldn’t wake her up if I wanted to.

But, the good news is the echo was good. Her heart looked perfectly normal. Most importantly, all arteries were in their rightful places. Yay!

When she finally came to, she was like a little drunk monkey. She couldn’t walk and flopped about like a puppet who’s strings had been cut.

That lasted well after we got her home. Got her fed and put to bed. And now I’m off to hopefully peaceful dreams…

Maybe it really is just that she likes sleep! 😉

Good night, world!

Girls Night!!
April 26, 2011


Today, Tristan had a ballgame in Columbia, meaning he and Johnny would be gone most of the night. Since Johnny was in Columbia for the afternoon already, it also meant I needed to get out of work early to pick up Bailey from daycare.

On the way home and to pick her up, Johnny called to say that Hasten was also going to the game, leaving just Bailey and me at home by ourselves.

So, I called in my favorite pizza, pepperoni and mushroom, which i rarely get since Hasten doesn’t like mushrooms, and headed home with Bailey and pizza in tow.

When we got home, I carefully cut up a piece of pizza into nickel size pieces so Bailey could have some. She really liked it. Big surprise there!!!

Once we finished our first slice, on a whim, I put the slice of pizza to her mouth for her to take a bite. She wasn’t very successful. So, I turned my head and showed her exactly what I was doing when I took a bite. I put the pizza back in her mouth and she chomped down and bit off a piece! Her first piece of pizza and she’s eating it by herself! I was so proud of her! She continued to eat that whole slice that way, one small bite at a time, no cutting up necessary!

I tell ya, she’s getting to be a big girl!!!


More Hoppiness!
April 25, 2011

Been a long day at the office after having 4 full days with my Bailey Bear. I was so glad to hear that she was still up while I was in my way home, I almost cried. It seems like the more time I spend with her, the more time I WANT to spend with her. I guess to quote edward, “she’s my own personal brand of heroin!” 😀

That being said, I was so busy playing on the floor with the new squisheys I picked up for Easter that I didn’t take any pictures. So here’s another favorite from yesterday….


Doesn’t she just have the most beautiful eyes?!?!?

Hoppy Easter!!
April 24, 2011


According to Johnny, THIS was Bailey’s first REAL Easter. Last year didn’t count because she was only a few months old.

Well, this Easter, Bailey, the boys and I TIE-dyed the eggs. Contrary to popular belief, they actually turned out very cool. Then, we all headed over to Uncle Bill’s for Easter dinner.

When we got back home, Bailey and the boys got their Easter baskets. Bailey got several new books, including THREE new Skippy Jon Jones books, a little SJJ stuffed doll and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. I believe Johnny’s exact words were, “There’s enough chocolate here to feed a small army!” Well, our small army fed well! Big surprise that not that long after, she crashed and burned.

But, she was a precious little girl in her first REAL Easter outfit!! 😉


Rub a Dub Dub! There’s a Bailey in the Tub!
April 23, 2011

Given our hectic mornings, Bailey’s bath time during the week is short and sweet and to the point. Wash all parts and out!

To make up for it, Saturday baths means anything goes. Splish and splash and fun time takin a bath!!!

In light of this, Bailey’s new thing is to stick her face in the bubbles and try to drink the water. As a result, she comes up with a face covered in bubbles. I was lucky to catch a smidgen of this in progress….hope everyone enjoys it ad much as I did!!


April 23, 2011


Thanks to her Uncle John’s recent trip back to the great land of Texas, Bailey is now the proud owner of her very first pink cowboy hat. You go, cowgirl!

I think mine was either pink or purple (whichever one wasn’t mine was Karen’s!) i remember it had feathers. I loved that thing!

Thanks, John, for thinking of Bailey and for bringing back memories, too!!

April 21, 2011


Today I got MORE pictures from Miss Stephanie of Bailey at daycare. Despite the chilly April Missouri temperature, Bailey had her very first Easter egg hunt today.

Apparently it wore them out as she crashed hard for her nap this afternoon. I’m just glad I had the foresight to dress her in Easter egg colors striped pants!! 😉


Cleaning Up!
April 19, 2011


This evening, I sat down on the floor with Miss Bailey to see if she’d play blocks with me. Mega blocks, that is, which are like Legos on steroids. She started pulling them out and actually putting them together as long as I held the increasing tall tower in place. Then, she decided, of course, to tear it apart and throw all the pieces on the ground.

That wasn’t that unusual for her. But her next steps were. She stood up (because the big box is about as deep as she is tall) and starting pulling out blocks and throwing them on the ground. 1, 2, 3 blocks on the ground. 4, 5, 6 and no signs of stopping. And she didn’t. She probably systematically pulled out 30 or 40 blocks and threw each one (with gusto of course) on the ground. Then we played a little longer in the big pile of blocks now strewn all around us on the ground.

Then, Bailey decided she’d had enough. And so she threw a block back in the bucket. And then another. And then another. All with gusto, of course! But she actually proceeded to pick up EVERY block and put it in the box. Hasten and I cheered when she was done. She looked at us like we were from Mars (that planet Skippy Jon Jones loves! But more on him in another post)

Then, to my amazement, she stands up, walks around both dogs sprawled out on the floor (watching her antics with disinterest as no food was involved), over across the room to under the playpen where a stray block lay. She picks it up, walks back through the maze of dead dog parts, and deposits it in the bucket. More cheers from Hasten and me! She just grinned. She’s getting SO smart!!!

Grandma’s Love
April 17, 2011


Today, my mother-in-law so graciously agreed to watch Bailey this evening so I could focus on finishing some CDK work.

As a result, I picked her a little after 7:00 this evening which is about her bedtime. When I walked in the door, Bailey was up in her high chair eating crunchies….

After sitting and watching her stuff half a ritz cracker in her mouth, Linda spoke up and said that Bailey had already had dinner. She’d had chicken noodle and Mac & cheese. And orange yogurt. And crackers. She got up while we were sitting there and got her a slice of cheese. And then Grandpa walks over and gives her a spoonful of what looks like chocolate. It’s actually a mix of peanut butter and chocolate. Bailey decides its good stuff. She starts lifting the spoon up for more, but Grandpa has already left the kitchen, so Grandma obliges. She gets several MORE spoonfuls as Bailey punctuates each one with a heartfelt “Hmmmmm!!!!”

Grandma says Bailey came back in the kitchen after dinner and said she wanted back up in the high chair for more food. She’s been doing this a lot lately…and since she’s in Grandma’s house that means she’ll get the GOOD STUFF!

That’s because, I’m told, that’s the best part of being a grandma. Giving them lots of food that’s not good for them because they love it. And Grandma’s love them. That’s a Grandma’s love…making sure your fat little belly is full and happy. And Bailey’s got one of the best Grandma’s in the world! And thus a very fat and full little belly tonight!!

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