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Little Monkey!
August 31, 2011


When we got to Steph’s today, Bailey was excited that, due to the cool morning weather, all her friends were already outside playing. She immediately ran over to the slide, climbed up, looked at me and Steph, and climbed back down.

After a couple seconds of frantic gesturing and squawking at Steph, Steph figured out that Bailey was saying “wet!” as the slide still had dew on it! After Steph dried it off, Bailey climbed right up and slid right down. Happy as a lark!


However, as I started to head back up the stairs and off to my lengthy commute that awaited me, Bailey bolted across the yard and around the back of the jungle gym in Steph’s back yard. Next thing I know, I see this:


I stared dumbfounded at Stephanie. I gaped and stuttered, “How on earth did she get up there?” She said, “Watch!” and, you know me, I grabbed my phone…




I tell ya. That little monkey of mine is going to give me ANOTHER heart attack!! Climbing like she has no cares in the world. As for me, I hope she keeps her healthy lack of fear!! Reach for the stars, Bailey!!!

Pig Nose!
August 30, 2011

Sometimes when I leave Stephanie’s, Bailey will put her hand on the glass of the sliding door and I’ll stand on the other side and put my hand on the other side of the glass up to hers. Today, she went a step further….

When I asked for a kiss before walking out the door, I was snubbed, which is not that unusual. Getting kisses from Bailey in the morning is like pulling teeth. But, today, she waited until the sliding glass door closed behind me to try and give me a kiss. So, I leaned up to the glass and she did, too. But, not judging the distance right, she pressed her nose against the glass first. Which made Stephanie and I laugh. Us laughing, big surprise, like most 19-month-olds, made her do it again. She drug her nose up, while keeping it pressed against the glass, until she looked like a baby pig! And we laughed and laughed, of course, resulting in her doing it again and again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my phone with me, but it’s a memory I’ll treasure forever of her little baby pig nose!!

No fear!
August 29, 2011


Today, running off to see Stephanie went one step further. When she reached the top of the stairs, Bailey normally turns around and waits for me to catch up. Not today.

Instead, she ran down three or four steps (to where the small steps stop and the big steps start!), then realized I hadn’t caught up yet, so she turned around and ran all the way back up to wait on me.

She’s growing up so fast!!!


August 25, 2011

Recently, Bailey has been going through the terrible twos separation anxiety. She kicks and screams and cries and clings to my legs as I try to leave daycare. Some days, she wouldn’t even get out of her carseat. She’d cling to the side and hold on for dear life, as if letting go meant the world would end. Before now, she always readily went to Stephanie and would wave merrily bye-bye to me. So, as this is MY first time experiencing this, I’ve been crying myself to work each morning. Or at least for a good 20 miles or so…Stephanie has been a HUGE help sending me pictures of her happy and smiling not 10 minutes after I’m gone, but I still HATE this.

But today, instead, she jumped out of the car:


RAN down the sidewalk:

going so fast that I could barely keep up with her. Then stopped and gave me THIS look at the top of the stairs:


like, come ON already!! So, down the stairs we went. When we got inside, she found Miss Stephanie had grapes and I was pretty much dismissed:


Although I was so glad she was happy, part of me missed being so obviously loved. But, I did get blown a kiss as i left, so I guess I still rank somewhat! 😉 at least this week!!

August 23, 2011

Today, we stumbled upon a playground when Bailey and I needed to kill some time. Apparently, not that this was a surprise, but Bailey TOTALLY loves to slide!

We started with a little yellow slide that she had to climb only a few steps, maybe 5 feet off the ground. But, she quickly grew braver (and the fact that she pulled me up the winding steps apparently dramatically boosted her confidence), and decided she wanted to go down the big slide. Which WAS big. Easily 7′ or maybe 8′ high. Yet, after a single trip down, she needed no further help or encouragement. (that first step was a doozy, but after that, she held the handrails and climbed the rest of the way up on her own!) I was so proud!!!

She’s becoming such a big girl….

Unfortunately, my phone was in the car, so I didn’t get any pictures 😦 But, now I’ve got a few more precious memories to add to the rest!

But, never fear, to hold all you loyal followers over, here’s an oldie, but goodie that the wonderful Miss Stephie took a few weeks ago for me!!

Definitely a classic Bailey shot!

Little Guppy
August 22, 2011


Yesterday, while the boys (big and little) were at Starz practice, the day had been warm enough for Bailey and I to get in the pool.

Since a certain person (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) has enough water fears of his own, I decided I would take the time and work with Bailey in the pool with no floaty vest. Although, same said person IS CERTIFIED in infant CPR, and thus I feel better doing such with him around, I’m not 100% sure he’d ever let it happen. So, off we went!

I was actually very surprised at how well she did. She’ll usually kick her way around the pool a few times, but mostly likes to stick to the stairs where she can touch bottom (don’t really blame her for that one!). Yesterday, however, she had a good ol’ time chasing noodles and balls and Ducky. She went completely under twice, which I was really concerned would totally freak her out, but it didn’t.

I guess you could say she took to it like a fish to water. My very own guppy!!

Lazy Saturday
August 20, 2011

We got up early, but still didn’t want to do much, so we came downstairs to my room to lay in bed and watch tv. You can see that she first watched standing next to the bed, holding herself up by reclining her head on the nightstand.


After that, I decided to make us some scrambled eggs, but Bailey wanted to help. See here the results:


Needless to say, both Ruger and Bella were VERY happy with Bailey, who dumped about 8-10 eggs onto the floor by turning over the egg carton when I turned my back FOR JUST A SECOND to grab a fork! Note to self: she’s officially tall enough to reach stuff off the kitchen counter!!

So, happy Bailey got her eggs:


Deciding it was best enjoyed with them being delivered handfuls at a time:


So, after all this hard work, she climbed back up in my lap to watch a little more TV because she was so pooped. After all, it was almost 9:30 by then!!!


This brief calm interlude was quickly replaced with chaos when Bailey picked up a half empty (oh yes, I said that!) glass of Tang and dumped it on the two off us! Off to the bathtub we went!

Just a nice lazy Saturday in the life of an 18 month old!!

18 Month Checkup
August 19, 2011

Bailey had her 18 month checkup this past Wednesday. Supposedly, she’s normal, so now I’m wondering if she did get switched at the hospital (except for I can distinctly remember Johnny telling me he never took his eyes off her from her first breath til the exact moment that armband was in place!)*

Anyway, she got a shot and for the first time didn’t cry. She’s a whopping 27 pounds and 33″ (which think is actually a little short, but she wasn’t thrilled with the idea of laying down on some kind of medieval wooden squishing device that require a block at her feet and her head pressed up against the top board!)

And given her repeated trips for ear infections, Bailey is NOT a big fan of the doctor and normally cries the minute the doctor walks in the room. Today, she didn’t. Instead, the only crying was when we had to abandon the really cute dollhouse in the lobby. (which she and I decided we now need to convince Daddy she needs at home!!)

Here she is peaking out the windows clutching her faithful pig companion, Hambone:


*while I was writing this, Johnny finally got home from Starz practice at 8:45 mentioning Tristan needed to eat to to spend the night at Cameron’s. And that they probably already ate because, “THEY are normal, and God knows we aren’t!!” I got a private laugh out of this since I had just written this paragraph above! 😀

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