Time Flies By

November 15, 2012 - Leave a Response

My wonderful brother-in-law, John, posted on Facebook tonight that he bought my nephew’s cap and gown today. My first thought was WHAT?!??? It seems like yesterday I remember his cute little self running around in a diaper!

And then their first Christmas in Missouri. They moved here in 2001 in a dreadful ice storm and were stuck in a hotel room for what seemed like months while they waited on their house! John John and Caroline were so worried Santa wouldn’t find them in a hotel! And that was almost 11 years ago. Time does indeed fly by.

So, you’re asking yourself, “What does that have to do with BAILEY???” I’m getting there. Patience, Grasshopper…

Well, after reading that post, I stumble onto a savings website (www.hip2save.com) where she posts all kinds of nifty finds on the internet that can save you big bucks. Tonight, she happened to have posted a side story about her family Christmas letter (that was a whopping 13 pages long, but good for her!) and how she was able to remember all of those little moments that happen in such a flash throughout the year. She has a cool idea that she jots down on post-it notes and sticks them to a special bulletin board. Then, at the end of the year, she’s doesn’t have to try and remember. I thought that was a great idea!

And then I realized, I already have that. Here. With the Bailey Daily. And I went back and read a couple and realized how much I missed capturing and treasuring those special moments. So, my plan is to start it back up…. So here goes!

First up… My treasured Nick Jr. doing a total belly flop with their new programming (at 9:00, they drop kids shows and show what I believe to be totally inappropriate for a 2-year-old “mom” shows). As such, Bailey has become a movie-holic. Now, granted, she rarely watches the entire movie, but she makes an effort. And with our extensive collection, she has quite a few options from which to choose!

Tonight, she selected an Easter favorite: Hop. (Of course, Johnny quipped, “You’re supposed to be watching CHRISTMAS movies!”), but Bailey is anything but traditional… So anywoo… Her favorite part is the music, big surprise! She LOVES to dance!!

So, without further ado:


“Girly Girl”

April 22, 2012 - Leave a Response


Yesterday, Bailey and I went shopping and added a new hat to cover her head during all the upcoming ball games. I let her pick, and big surprise she chose Dora! However, I didn’t expect the fedora to be her choice. But, I must admit she makes it look goooooood! 😉

For the record, Hasten took this while I was driving…I told him that I wanted a picture of her cuteness, he took this first:


Gotta give him props… She definitely cute in that one, too!! 😀

MAJOR rock star

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Wow… December 5th was my last entry… Not sure if anyone missed them, but I know not being able to go back and relive those days through the stories made me want to start these back up again…

Tonight, after a long day in the city with rain delayed baseball, we finally got home this evening. Bailey hasn’t been sleeping well lately due to the hectic baseball schedule we’ve been keeping, so I was hoping to be able to get her home in time to put her to bed at a reasonable hour. However, as you can see, she had other plans….

Donning her new Dora sunglasses (even at 9:30 at night, I guess that makes her a REAL musician!) she pulled her keyboard down and proceeded to play, what I think were scales!!

Anyway, had to snap a quick photo. To which she came running over demanding to see it. And so I flipped the camera around and caught her again! 😉


Picture Day!

April 21, 2012 - Leave a Response


Yesterday, Bailey had her “short and sweet” session with Angelique Hunter, who did the fabulous photo that you see in the header of this site last May.

We arrived early and so Bailey and I went for a quick walk. I had told her we were going to the park and she kept asking when we were going to get there! (I’m guessing she thought I meant a playground park!) I snapped this with my phone as she was crossing the bridge:


She was working on the potty training really well this weekend and told me she had to pee right after we crossed. She successfully peed in the grass along the path. I kept a lookout for three leaves! (I figure Johnny will be appalled I put this in here!!)

Then when we were done, she wanted to blow more bubbles (Angelique had taken her picture with her blowing bubbles and I can’t WAIT to see how those turn out!)


Pygmy Marmoset!

December 5, 2011 - Leave a Response

Today, with Hasten in one basketball game here in Wellsville and Tristan having basketball practice in Montgomery, it’s one of those running nights. But, Johnny took pity on my fragile flu ridden health and lack of sleep and put me on Bailey duty.


So, I’ve cleaned up her room and changed her bed, started laundry and I’m taking a break to watch Bailey curl up on Quackster to watch Go, Diego, Go. (those of you NOT in the know, they rescue animals in the wild while speaking Spanish to them!)


Regardless, anyone who has watched any of these shows knows that they strive to be interactive, constantly asking questions of the kids watching them. I’ve been trying to get Bailey to understand that she can answer for a few weeks now. She normally looks at me like I’m nuts for talking to a tv.

But, tonight was a different story. Tonight Diego was rescuing Pygmy marmosets! And so when he prompted Bailey to say “pygmy”, I was floored when she responded with a crystal clear “pygmy.” Then, proceeded to repeat the process with “marmoset”! Then, she was prompted to put them together and she had “pig marmoset!” Close enough for me!!

Boy, is she smart!!!


Black Friday 2011

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Although Black Friday has long been a shopping tradition with my beloved big sister, the past few years have obviously changed with the addition of Bailey into my life.

As a result, Karen wound up shopping Thanksgiving evening with her John and I stayed at home playing the Internet frenzy tagteam game. We made a heck of a successful team! But, that meant not physical fighting the crowds for me. Oh darn!

Well, about 10:30 Friday morning, I was in official Black Friday withdrawal. So, Bailey and I suited up and headed out. We were tackling Carter’s because she needs bigger jammies. And they had them on sale!

So, after being soooooo good at Carter’s, we deserved a happy meal! Which we promptly ate only the French fries sitting in the front seat in the Walmart parking lot. But, we decided to head on into Walmart and scope out any remaining deals. 30 minutes later and NOTHING but Bailey in the cart, we headed out the doors.

But, on the way (which we were walking by now because it was starting to approach naptime and we had had enough of being in the cart!) we spied $4 slippers. Bailey LOVES shoes, so I thought this would be a no brainer. There was pink smurf ones and purple (ooohhh, purple!!!) TINKERBELL ones. Another no brainer: pink smurfs! (still not sure how that happened!!!)

Bailey was gracious enough to hand them over to the lady to scan them, we paid, and out the door we went, snuggling the precious slippers to her chest. And falling asleep with clutching them in her carseat.

We get home and I’m hoping we’re going to continue our nap. No such luck. So, we settled for putting on our new slippers, climbing into my bed to watch tv and drinking the remainder of my sweet tea! (click that link to watch the video!) What a wonderful end to a wonderful day!!!


Accidents Happen

November 8, 2011 - Leave a Response

Well, I originally wrote this big ol’ long blog on how Bailey fell and cut her face and when I went to add the photos, this app locked up and crashed and I lost everything. So, this happened Saturday night…


And I’ll post more details tomorrow when I get back to a desktop… 😉

Appreciate the Little Things

November 7, 2011 - Leave a Response

After one of the worse days in a long time at work today, I walked into my mother-in-law’s house to silence.

I walked through the kitchen and into the living room where I was spotted without saying a word and greeted with an exuberant, “MOMMY!!”

Life got infinitely better sitting on her floor and watching my 22 month old bundle of never-ending joy run circles around me with infectious laughter.

After tucking her crying self into bed later (stupid time change), I found this article and thought it summed up my thoughts perfectly. Enjoy

The Bailey Daily Gets a Facelift

November 1, 2011 - Leave a Response

Special thanks to incredible graphic designer, Katie Denton (a true CDKWeb prize!) for the new facelift to the Bailey Daily. I’m only MONTHS behind getting this out there as it’s already time for a new one!

Thanks again, Katie!!

The Sugar Plum Fairy Graces Us!

October 31, 2011 - Leave a Response

Back in August, I told Johnny that I absolutely didn’t want to have to scramble at the last minute to find a costume for Bailey’s first real Halloween. So, after lots of searching, we stumbled upon this cute-as-a button “sugar plum fairy” costume. Given Bailey’s favorite color is purple (ok, it might actually be pink, given how she picks her clothes currently, but Johnny and I love purple, so hers is purple by proxy!), we thought it was appropriate! Surprisingly enough, she actually WANTED that headband piece on her head, so that was good!

Her day started off bright and early with Stephanie taking the little ones around all the businesses in Montgomery City. She was pulled along in a wagon and had a blast filling up her pumpkin!

Here the bunch is at the Montgomery City Courthouse. Like I told the ladies there, Bailey had better never set foot on the 2nd story (the actual courtrooms), but they all posed for pictures (and to warm up a little since it was a slightly chilly 40 degree morning)!


After returning home, Johnny and I put her costume back on her to go make the Wellsville friends and family rounds. The ever brilliant Johnny (hopefully he doesn’t read this as he doesn’t need a bigger ego…) figured out the best way to make her shoes work was to stuff her beloved Crocs in them and she could wear them as actual shoes! Tristan dressed up as a Charger ball player and Hasten as a surly 13-year-old! (i.e., no costume because he’s too old!) 😀

Such a great picture! I wish the camera hadn't been on the wrong setting!!


First stop was to visit Grandma at the nursing home (she works there, not lives there!) But, all of the residents were out for visiting, so Bailey turned on her charm and filled up her bucket there as well!


Then we rode around to lots of houses where Bailey finally figured out if she ran up and said “Trick Treat,” they’d give her candy. She started warming up to the idea and blowing kisses back to each person who gave her candy! Everyone thought she was too cute! She got pixie sticks from Tristan’s teacher (to whom I promptly replied I was sending them with Tristan for lunch the next day and she laughed) and then Bailey snuck into one here:


Then, she found the king of all candies, a GIANT pixie stick and was in heaven:


I just loved the little elf shoes!

Tuckered out, we got one last shot with Tristan before we headed off to change into our PJs…

I hope everyone had as happy as of a Halloween as this little Sugar Plum!

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